COMPAYL 24 workshop at MICCAI

The website of our workshop on Computational Pathology with Multimodal data (COMPAYL) is online now!

COMPAYL will be an on-site event held in conjunction with the MICCAI conference on October 6th 2024, in Marrakech (Morocco).

After a successful series of editions of COMPAY in 2018, 2019 and 2021, we are back with a new flavour, adding multimodal data to computational pathology, and turning COMPAY into COMPAYL!

We accept submissions of original papers, with deadline June 24th, 2024. Check the call for papers and the important dates section on our website.

We are also brining a new component to the workshop, which we call "Beachside Arena". In this experiment, multimodal vision-language models will compete in a series of pathology-related problems, and we will present the results of this experiment during the workshop. 

More info on this later, stay tuned!