Medical Imaging with Deep Learning 2024

We recently heard that two scientific works from my group have been accepted at the Medical Imaging with Deep Learning (MIDL) conference, which will be held in Paris (France) on 3-5 July 2024.

The following short papers were accepted:

"Spirochetosis detection in colon histopathology images via fine-tuning and boosting techniques using foundation models", work done by Agata Polejowska, where she showed results on foundation models applied to the detection of spirochetosis in histopathology images of gastrointestinal biopsies. This represents seminal work in AI to analyse components of the microbiome and can be a building block to investigate the interplay between the gut and the brain. The work was done in the context of the HEREDITARY project, funded by Horizon Europe.
Link to the paper:

"Weakly supervised lung cancer detection on label-free intraoperative microscopy with higher harmonic generation", work done by Siem de Jong, where he shows preliminary work on how weakly supervised learning can be used to detect the presence of lung cancer in unlabelled, fresh tissue samples of lung biopsies, acquired intraoperatively and scanned with a novel laser-based technology using Higher Harmonic Generation. The work was done in the context of the IMAGIO project funded by the IHI, in collaboration with the VU and with the startup FlashPathology.
Link to the paper:

Congrats to the whole team, looking forward to further developments in these exciting novel research lines!