NWO OTP grant to find lung cancer-specific treatment

Today, the NWO (Dutch Research Council) has announced the list of granted projects in the last round of OTP proposals, and happy to announce our DoPredict has been granted!
Led by Marloes Groot, in collaboration with Jan Willem Duitman, and with the contribution of Flash Pathology, in DoPredict we are going to develop AI to analyse the temporal dynamics of a culture of lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis tissue via higher harmonic generation (HHG) 3D microscopy images, to find the best tumor-specific treatment among a set of tested drugs within a few days.

Read more in the News on the page of Marloes' group here.

Great opportunity to investigate personalised treatment for lung diseases, 4D microscopy data with beautiful HHG images, and to expand our team on AI for HHG technology at Radboudumc.