PROACTING project results features by PathologyNews

Thanks to Pathology News for covering on their headline on computational pathology and AI recent results from my group on artificial intelligence to predict response to neoadjuvant chemotherapy from H&E-stained routine preoperative biopsies of breast cancer.

Prediction of response before administering the treatment is a way to optimise cancer therapy by reducing over treatment, especially for triple-negative breast cancer patients, who nowadays pretty much all receive this treatment, but only half of them receive clinical benefits, while postponing surgery and getting the toxicity of the drug.

In this work, recently published on the journal Breast Cancer Research, we investigated a set of computational biomarkers and show their correlation with pathological complete response in several cohorts of breast cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy.

Work led by Witali Aswolinskiy, former postdoctoral researcher in my group, in collaboration with Esther Lips, PhD and Jelle Wesseling from the National Dutch Cancer Institute, funded by the KWF Kankerbestrijding as part of the PROACTING project.

We also made the algorithms to compute some of these biomarkers publicly available via the platform, so you can give them a try yourself!

Last but not least, thanks to Christos Evangelou, PhD for the interview and for writing this news.